Teacher Training Myths

It can seem like there are many barriers which may prevent people from pursuing teacher training. Read through the common myths vs realities with our Secondary Lead, Mike Simmons.

First Day Nerves

As a teacher training leader, I’ve had the privilege of guiding over 400 aspiring educators on their journey to becoming teachers. Each year, a new cohort of trainees arrives with a mix of excitement and nervousness, eager to embark on a transformative path. But this year was different. This year, my own son was starting school on the very same day.

Applying to Become a Teacher

Primary teacher outdoor learning

Applying to Become a Teacher John Taylor SCITT trainee, Megan Snell, talks about her application process when applying for the Primary Programme. Megan offers advice on applying early and getting prepared for your upcoming course. I applied to JTSCITT in October, having taken the summer to complete my research into teacher training. The JTSCITT offered […]

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