Applying to Become a Teacher

John Taylor SCITT trainee, Megan Snell, talks about her application process when applying for the Primary Programme. Megan offers advice on applying early and getting prepared for your upcoming course.

I applied to JTSCITT in October, having taken the summer to complete my research into teacher training. The JTSCITT offered insightful information events, and after attending one, I knew immediately that I wanted to apply for the Primary Programme. The event was great at explaining the whole application process and what would be in store during my training year.


Ensuring I applied early gave me the best chance at securing a place on the programme. I made my application as soon as they came live and had a response super quick! Within a couple of days, Leah was in contact with me and was brilliant at helping me organise an interview date that was convenient for my schedule, as I was working full time.

Primary teacher

The application process itself was straight forward and easy to understand. Having attended the information event prior, I knew exactly what to expect so all my questions had been answered and any prior confusion was clarified, and I felt confident going into the application process.

In January, I had my interview and was offered my place on the same day which was so exciting! After a couple of weeks of consideration, I accepted my place. Allowing myself that extra breathing room gave me the confidence that I wasn’t rushing into a decision. Because I applied early, this extra time eased stress and I was grateful to not feel pressured by time.

Primary teacher outdoor learning

I’m so glad I applied early as it took a lot of pressure off – it allowed me to have time to attend an event, which made the application process clear, and I had plenty of time to prepare for my interview. I knew I was making the right choice having given myself the time to consider my options after being offered a place, I might not have had as much time to prepare and consider all options if I’d have applied later in the year.

After accepting my place, I was able to dedicate time to prepare for September. I focused on completing additional research to help me when I began my course, whilst having the peace of mind that I had the next steps in place to help me with my future career. Now, just a few weeks into the training programme, I’m loving it! I’m so glad I made the jump, and my confidence has grown ten-fold already.

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