As PE teachers, Teacher standard 1a can often take on a new meaning, as some of the activities we teach can be very dangerous. Trampolining is an example of one of these sports so we were keen to ensure our subject knowledge in this area was as up to date as possible by enrolling on a 4 day course to gain our level two qualification.

We began by learning how to put up and take down the trampolines, which could be considered an extreme sport in itself. The trampolines are extremely big, heavy and intimidating and our course leader was keen to share stories of missing body parts and horror injuries with us which instilled as much caution as it did fear.

Prior to the course we were all aware that it would be very practical however, I don’t think any of us anticipated the physical challenges it would present. Over the four days we had injuries and fatigue but always an overwhelming desire to get back on the trampolines to learn something new. This is a feeling we can only hope to pass on to our students in the teaching years to come.

PE Teachers
PE Teachers

As individuals, we all started with varying levels of ability, however over the 4 days we all progressed huge amounts and it was great to be able to support each other in developing those abilities. For myself, Jack and Reid one of our highlights was definitely seeing Haseeb achieve his goal of smashing that swivel hips – well done mate!

In addition to the coaching we provided, we also physically supported each other – lifting and turning as well as putting our lives in the hands of each other on the rig system!

Overall, this course offered us a great understanding of the health and safety management needed to ensure safe trampolining lessons as well as how to support learners of all abilities in order to ensure everyone makes progress. Most of all, it was great fun and we are lucky to be able to continue doing the things we love!

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