Reflection on my Year as a Trainee Teacher

Teacher Training

So I’m currently sat on a flight from Krakow to Birmingham, after an emotionally charged day visit to Auschwitz, reflecting on the messages Rabbi Epstein shared with us.

A Change of Career

Science Teacher

A Change of Career It’s funny. This whole experience so far has been both the most enjoyable thing I have done but also the most trying, tiring and difficult. When I spoke to friends before I started this teacher training course, I got a bit of a mixed bag of responses from those who were […]

Tackling the First Term as a Trainee Teacher

Primary Teaching

Tackling the First Term as a Trainee Teacher “Miss.” “Miss Pickerill?” It takes a minute but my brain finally engages and I realise that the child waving their arm in the air is talking to me. After my first half term as a trainee teacher being called ‘miss’ is still quite the novelty.  I have to remind […]

Top 5 Tips for Bossing your First Term as a Trainee Teacher

New Teachers

Top 5 Tips for Bossing your First Term as a Trainee Teacher As my first term as a trainee teacher has come to an end, I have been reflecting on how I managed to thrive through my first SCITT teaching placement. And as someone who has survived, I wanted to share by five top tips […]

Perceptions Vs. Reality


Perceptions Vs. Reality Teachers finish work at 3pm. Teachers are always on holiday. Teaching is easy and anyone can do it. How many of these have you heard? Well, I have only been teaching since September and to be honest I think I’ve lost count. Therefore, in this week’s blog post I will be busting […]

A Step by Step Survival Guide to Teacher Training

Survival Guide

A Step by Step Survival Guide to Teacher Training I swapped with a fellow trainee to write about how to survive being a trainee teacher because she questioned if she was surviving. I thought it would be easy and offered to swap. I sat down after a particular testing day and questioned it myself. How […]

Delving Deeper

Clay Fish

Delving Deeper Never underestimate the power of clay… I did! I have come from a digital background; my practice consists of working with multiple screen based media. The fluidity from camera to screen, to manipulation, to projection is slick, clean and instant. This juxtaposition from clay couldn’t been more of a contrast. I foolishly believed […]

CDP is Key

PE Teachers

CDP is Key! As PE teachers, Teacher standard 1a can often take on a new meaning, as some of the activities we teach can be very dangerous. Trampolining is an example of one of these sports so we were keen to ensure our subject knowledge in this area was as up to date as possible […]

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